switch up your career and be CAREER CHANGE READY IN 60 DAYS 


Finally get clear and confident about your career change and overcome the overwhelm, confusion or frustration of not knowing what you want and the uncertainty of whether any of your ideas will work out

If you find yourself craving a career change with no idea where to start, or you've lost the joy and passion for what you do but you've no idea what to do instead, then you already know that you have a lot of questions to answer before you can create a meaningful career plan that provides you with the passion and purpose you crave in life.

You know this, because you've tried a number of times to work out the fundamental question "what am I doing with my life?"

There's no need to tell you that life's a lot easier when you're clear about where your career is heading and when you're spending your days doing something you love.

After all, success, however you define it, has as much to do with happiness and fulfilment as it does position, title and money. And, in a world where we're permanently connected to work through technology, and it's getting more and more impossible to switch off, fulfilment is even more important than it ever has been.



Being completely clear about what you want and need from your career in order to feel fulfilled enables you to

  • Accelerate your Success

    However you define it, we all want to be successful. It makes us feel good, gives us a sense of achievement and purpose. When you know where you want to go you can get laser focused on the opportunities and strategies that will take you there...and achieve it. No more flip flopping around wondering what to focus your efforts on. Clarity brings success.
  • Be Confident

    Even if you're a confident person, lacking confidence in your decision making is an anxiety you don't need. I've seen it. When you don't know what you want from your career you feel uncertain, you start to worry about the future, over time this gives rise to self doubt and a crisis of confidence. Clarity brings confidence.
  • Have Better Mental Health and Wellbeing

    When your career isn't going well, and you lack passion and purpose in your work, it's mentally exhausting. Try as you might it's a question you just can't seem to find the answer for. That doubt and frustration ripples through every single pore of your life. It can make you lose sleep at night and it tests your patience and creates low mood. Clarity brings calm.
  • More Energy

    Imagine what it would be like to bounce out of bed on a Monday morning excited for the week ahead. When you are engaged, motivated and passionate about your work, you have more energy all round. You'll make time for that run, trip to the gym or dinner with friends because you aren't drained from having to fake your enthusiasm all day. Clarity brings energy.

Even though the reasons for being completely clear about what you need for a wildly successful and fulfilling career are obvious, the path to working out how to do that is anything but

Work out What I Want for my Career and Achieve Success AND Fulfilment? ABSOLUTELY!

But how on earth do I do that?

Enjoying success and fulfilment.....that's just for the lucky few, right?

I've heard it so many times before... "You're so lukcy to love what you do".  And I get why people would say that.

Perhaps you've spent countless hours browsing job sites, or coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas as alternatives to your current job.

Maybe you've even done some market research and spoken to people in different industries for inspiration.

If you're super committed you may have also tried a few side hustles to try to escape your 9-5, but somehow you always lack conviction.

Here's why most people lack clarity and never find work that brings them the fulfilment they crave....

They have no idea what they're looking for.

I know I know - sounds obvious right. But stick with me.

All of us have unconscious needs that have to be met in order to feel fulfilled.

These needs are buried deep in our subconscious, along with our beliefs, our core purpose and our talents.

Without proper thought and exploration to identify and understand these needs we fall victim to aimless searching, which ultimately leads us to feel unfulfilled, confused, frustrated and often full of self doubt.

And here's why this is so damaging

You're at a place in your career where you know you need to make changes, and you're up for it, you just can't work out what those changes should be.

You're a go getter, used to solving problems and driving forward. Not having the answers here makes you feel more and more stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed. It's affecting your whole life, secretly you're miserable, and that's hard to admit.

You need clarity.

You want complete confidence in your decisions about what to change.

You don't want to waste time making career choices that don't work out.

Life is short and you want to live it, enjoy every moment and know that your life has meaning and purpose.

You want to jump out of bed in the morning full of motivation and engagement for what you do because yout time matters.

You want a purposeful career.

That is, if you can just work out how on earth to do that.

5 Reasons Why

You haven't got the clarity you need and found that fulfiling career


Reason 1: You don't believe it's possible (at least for you anyway)

You've given this topic a lot of thought. You've invested hours into research and sketching out ideas. You always draw a blank. It just doesn't seem possible that YOU could get the clarity you need and find work you love

That's because you've been looking in all the wrong places.

You've been looking 'out there' at job vacancies, other people's career journeys. You need to look INSIDE.

You need to learn about your deep unconscious needs and drivers that will bring you the fulfilment you need.

Reason 2: Part of you wonders if you'll ever be satisfied (so maybe it's better to stay put)

You've made some changes in the past and you always end up in the same place. It's as if you're never satisfied. Perhaps you'll just never be fully happy with your lot. You don't want to make another 'mistake'

They're not mistakes. They're adventures and a source of rich learning.

Whilst you're sat there wondering if you'll ever be fully satisfied, other people have made mindset shifts that enable them to learn from these experiences and to get closer each time they try something new.

In fact, trying something new might just be one of the critical things you need to stay engaged.

Reason 3: You've been OK up until now

Early in your career you do what makes sense - chase the money, climb the corporate ladder....to be honest, it doesn't take much thought. But somewhere along the line life happens.

Perhaps you have a family, or find out that you can't have a family, maybe you have a life changing event which makes you re-evaluate your options, or maybe you just get bored, doing the same thing day in day out.

It doesn't really matter what happens to make you sit up and pay attention, what matters is you are paying attention and you realise that you don't really know what you want anymore.

Reason 4: It's too hard/scary/risky

Perhaps the thought of doing something different is just too plain hard.

It's easier to put your head down and trundle along with the daily routine.

Whilst doing this you can ignore the urges telling you that you're not where you want to be, and you don't open your eyes to the opportunity to do something else.

Your mindset is working against you, putting barriers in your way.

If it were working with you it would be asking "how can we make this possible?" instead.

Reason 5: You're not prioritising your own needs

It's a habit many of us share. We look out for others before we turn to ourselves, and so long as you tell yourself 'things aren't that bad' you don't have reason to change.

The thing is 'things' are bad. You weren't designed to live a mediocre life.

You want passion, adventure, challenge and a career that brings you all of that in spades and more.

Admitting this to yourself is hard, putting your needs first is even harder, but deep down you know you need to.

Carrying on as you are isn't going to end well.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Today's world is a tough place to work. Technology connects us to our work around the clock, working patterns are changing, demands are increasing. It's harder to hold firm boundaries and switch off from work.

It's important now more than ever to love what we do, because work and life blend together to create either the perfect storm or brilliant blue skies.

And the world is waking up to this. More and more people are in search of work that brings them fulfilment, joy, passion and purpose.

People don't want to settle for mediocre, they want to live a full, rich life.

Sadly, not everyone will find this, because they have no idea how to switch up their career with passion, purpose and clarity.

Well, with your permission, I'd love to show you how to do just that.


The ultimate step by step program to eliminate uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm about what to do with your career and catapult your career with clarity, passion and purpose.

I've taken everything I've learnt from my 10 years of coaching hundreds of clients and poured it into this comprehensive step by step career change program that not only guides you through how to get clear about your career needs but also leads you to create a compelling career plan you can execute to achieve a career with passion and purpose.

SWITCH UP YOUR CAREER takes a unique approach, helping you to understand your deep unconscious needs, your strengths and talents PLUS ensuring you have the mindset to push through any obstacles that you may face on your journey to career change. By doing all this and crystallising your purpose you'll be amazingly clear on what you need for endless motivation and fulfilment and able to build your career plan that ensures you achieve it.

SWITCH UP YOUR CAREER is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Teaches you how to identify and use your unconscious needs so you're no longer guessing whether your career choices are right for you
  2. Challenges the fears and beliefs that are holding you back
  3. Ensures you have everything you need to be totally clear on your career choices before considering WHAT you want.
  4. Makes certain that you won't waste time making career decisions and choices that don't work out
  5. Leaves you feeling confident and excited about the future

So if you’re ready to finally build a career that brings you passion and purpose, then ........

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Module 1

Learning what's important to you:

This is all about getting clear on your starting point and learning what is most important to you so you can identify some quick wins and actions that kick start your journey to getting clear and finding work you love. You can only know where you are going when you're clear about where you are starting from.

Module Highlights:

  • Using the "Wheel of Life' tool to take a complete 360 view of everything that's important to you in life
  • Reviewing the 'shape of your wheel' to consider your life as a whole
  • Identifying your priorities, short term actions or tweaks that you can make now to influence your enjoyment from your life/career.
Module 2

Uncovering your unconscious needs

We all have needs that drive our decision making and which affect our fulfilment in life. They are called our values and most of us have no idea what our values are, how they affect us and how we can get them met. Knowing your values is essential to getting clear and making changes in your career.

Module Highlights:

  • Guided values elicitation to uncover your values
  • Working out your 'values rules' to deepen your understanding of your values and how to have them met
  • Doing your 'gap analysis' to assess what's missing and what you want
Module 3

Identifying and validating your strengths

It's one thing to know what you need, it's another to know what you're good at. Here we spend time learning about our core strengths and talents, zoning in on what gives us energy and what drains us. This module builds on the work of our values and starts to reveal the sweet spot between what we need and what we enjoy.

Module Highlights:

  • Journaling activity to identify activities we love and things that drain us
  • Reviewing our journal to pinpoint our core strengths and talents that light us up
  • Honing in and refining our 'unique offer'
Module 4

Getting out of your own way

Your mindset influences everything that you do. Even if you're clear on your needs and you know your strengths you may still lack the confidence to make the changes you need. OR you may have the confidence but you're uncertain, reserved or secretly fearful about the changes you want to make. Here we tackle your mindset to ensure that it's aligned with what you want and instead of holding you back, it can propel you forward.

Module Highlights:

  • Take a hard look at your fears and concerns and how they're influencing your journey
  • Use my 'BUST' process for busting through limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Explore what needs to end before you can begin by learning about your closure needs.
Module 5

Finding your purpose

Your purpose is your guiding force that keeps you motivated and on track even if things get hard. It stretches beyond goals and provides unrivalled motivation and engagement. Purpose ensures you will always have a clear path, no matter what events life throws at you.

Module Highlights:

  • Use my 'Purpose Process' to create your unique purpose statement
  • Explore your identify and ensure it's aligned to your purpose providing you with seamless motivation to make changes.
Module 6

My Plan and Vision

All of your work culminates in this module as you build out your short, medium and long term goals for finding and achieving a career that provides, passion, purpose and fulfilment, whilst you enjoy and enriched life and the success you deserve. 

Module Highlights:

  • The last piece in the puzzle for career clarity is the environment in which you do all of this in and here we look at exactly what that needs to be.
  • And finally you will use my 'GOALS'  formula to set clear goals that you'll be sure to achieve.

14 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you are going to love this program that I'm offering a 14 day Money Back Guarantee.

By day 14 you will have worked through the introductory lessons, Module 1 and 2 and I'm certain you'll already be well on your way to achieving greater clarity about your career choices.

If you don't agree, just contact me and explain why the program is not for you and I'll refund your money.

No questions asked.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Switch Up Your Career 60 Day Program - Comparative Value £3500

  • Member Only Private Facebook Group - Value £297
  • One Time Bonus - 10 Ways to Finance your Career Change - Value £127
  • Your project plan and roadmap to keep you on track -  Value £97

Total Value: Over £4000

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

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Pay Upfront

1 Payment of £495



Frequently Asked Questions

What previous program participants asked before signing up for SWITCH UP YOUR CAREER

I hear you. We're all busy. Successful, high achievers like yourself always are and I know it's hard to find time.

To help you the course is structured step by step keep you on track and the content is released module by module, week by week. For bigger modules you'll get 2 weeks to work through the program. The project plan will also help you manage your time.

All of that said the real question is, are you willing to make the time and choose to prioritise yourself and this programs?

60 days and you could change your life. If not now, then when?

When people think about changing their career most people make the mistake of focusing on WHAT they WANT before they have any idea of WHAT they NEED and HOW to fulfil those needs.

This is the only program of it's kind that works with your deep unconscious needs and drivers to help you to understand EXACTLY what you need to feel fulfilled and passionate about what you do. Then it layers on top of these needs other critical factors such as what you're good at and helps you to discover your purpose. As if that isn't enough you also take a close look at your mindset and eliminate fears, concerns and faulty thinking that is slowing you down or causing you concern.

It may be a turbulent time BUT that just makes it even more important for you to answer your long standing career questions.

When you're clear you have laser focus about what you're trying to achieve and jump ahead of those that are still dragging their heels.

PLUS whilst many participants decide to make big changes, others realise that they can achieve their goals by making changes within their current careers.

You have no control over the external climate, all you have control over is what you do within it. Waiting leaves your future to chance. Taking action now, ensures you'll be ready for when the time is right for you.

You could. But let me share with you why I think this is a great option.

You can work through this program in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

You have lifetime access, so you can revisit this content throughout your career to refine and reshape your plan based on your emerging needs.

This program is born out of over 10 years of experience including hundreds of clients facing similar challenges to you and I know that not only is the content in this program powerful, but the order that it's arranged in works.

I'm certain that you will not find a 1:1 career coaching program at a lower price than I'm offering this program for, that includes the same amount and value of content whilst delivering results within 60 days.

You've sat with your big career questions for long enough. in 60 days you can have the complete clarity about what you need to catapult your career with passion and purpose.

You will have a clear understanding of your values, your strengths and your purpose. You will use these to set yourself short, medium and long term career goals that you can achieve AND you'll also have the mindset you need to be able to achieve them.

You are essentially buying everything you need to enjoy a wildly successful career full of passion and purpose.

I am so confident that this program will have a profound impact on you that I offer a 14 day full money back guarantee.

By day 14 you will have worked your way through the introductory lessons, Module 1 and Module 2. So you'll be well on your way to developing the clarity you need to propel your career forward.

If you don't agree, all you have to do is e-mail me to explain why and I'll refund your money.

Yes! You will get full access to the Switch up your Career program with access to the private members only Facebook group AND 3 live in person calls with me (Zoe).

You'll be joining a fantastic community of people on similar journeys to yourself and I know you're going to love it!

Inside the program you'll find 16+ hours of activities and exercises PLUS 50+ pages of PDF's guides and 24 videos guiding you through the step by step process to achieve a career of passion and purpose.

Switch Up Your Career 60 Day Program - Comparative Value £3500

  • Member Only Private Facebook Group - Value £297
  • One Time Bonus - 10 Ways to Finance your Career Change - Value £127
  • Your project plan and roadmap to keep you on track -  Value £97

Total Value: Over £4000

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

2 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of




  1. You're at a career crossroads and don't know which way to turn! 
  2. You don't want to waste time taking wrong turns in your career, you want to catapult your career to success with passion and purpose
  3. You're tired of trying to work out where to take your career, it's affecting all aspects of your life and you want to fix this once and for all.
  4. You're ready to prioritise your own needs and dedicate the next 60 days to gain the clarity you need to propel your career with passion and purpose.
  5. You're already wasting time with aimless job searching and unproductive 'daydreaming' about how you can change your career. You want to put this time to better use.
  6. You've tried to work this out on your own by focusing on what you want, but it hasn't worked. You need to go deeper and understand what your unconscious needs and drivers are.
  7. You want a career filled with passion and purpose. Life is short and you don't want to waste another minute doing something that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.
  8. You're ready to invest the time and do the work over the next 60 days to get the clarity you need to catapult your career with passion and purpose.

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside of SWITCH UP YOUR CAREER!

Switch Up Your Career 60 Day Program - Comparative Value £3500

  • Member Only Private Facebook Group - Value £297
  • One Time Bonus - 10 Ways to Finance your Career Change - Value £127
  • Your project plan and roadmap to keep you on track -  Value £97

Total Value: Over £4000

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Payment Upfront

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