Finally go from being stuck and uncertain about the actions you need to take next in your career to having a framework that enables you to make career decisions clearly and confidently.

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Here's why "Unlock Your Career Clarity" is so powerful and unique.....

I've been working with people like you since 2009, helping them to figure out what they want from their career.

When the time comes to making a change in your career it's easy to be confused and uncertain about what to do next.

The bigest mistake people make when trying to decide what to do with their career, is they try to make decisions using their conscious mind. So that means using things such as your knowledge, skills, competencies and experiences to make judgements about what opportunities will suit you.

Whilst these can be helpful in your decision making, the single most important thing you need to know when taking the next steps in your career is your values. And these reside in your unconscious mind.

Your values are unconscious needs, that when met, bring you fulfilment, joy, motivation and engagement.

Knowing your values provides you with a framework for making confident, clear decisions about your career next steps.

It's the only way to know, with certainty, that the decisions you are making are the right ones for you.

And Unlock Your Career Clarity is the only course of it's kind that enables you to discover your values, understand your deep unconscious needs and set actions/goals around your career next steps that will bring you the joy, satisfaction and career happiness that you crave.

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"Unlock Your Career Clarity" Will Enable You To.....

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Discover Your Values

Uncover you deep unconscious needs and learn what you need to feel fulfilled at work. Use your values as a framework for making clear and confident decisions about your career. Finally have the clarity you need

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Get More of What you Need

Learn how to use your values to have your needs met so that you are always creating more of what you need to be fulfilled and less of what you don't. Finally figure out what you want from your career and how to get it

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Set Next Step Actions

Use your values to understand what's missing in your career and set next step actions so build more engagement, satisfaction and motivation into your working life. Finally get unstuck.

Unlock Your Career Clarity

This course is for you if you want to make clear and confident decisions about your career and know exactly what you need from work to feel fulfilled, passionate, motivated and engaged.

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Here's what others are saying......

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Gerry - Senior Accountant

This is exactly what I needed. I have never looked at my career this way and this was a long overdue look at what I really need from my career. I now have what I need to make some big decisions. Thank you! 

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Kate - Business Owner

When I finally made the decision to leave my corportate job and co-found a business, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I went all in and I've never looked back. Knowing my values gave me the confidence to do it

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Rich - HR Consultant

Making a career change was a big step for me, I wanted to be sure I focused on the right career moves that would bring me the success and satisfaction I wanted from my new career. This has given me exactly that!

JOIN NOW - £99
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  1. Develop the clarity you need to be able to make decisions about your career next steps
  2. Uncover your deep unconscious needs and use them to find a career that brings fulfillment and joy
  3. Understand what's missing in your career right now and know what to do about it
  4. Get unstuck and become confident about your career next steps.
  5. Know how to set career goals that will bring you mor of what you want and less of what you don't


  • 3 Coaching Activities to develop your clarity and confidence about your career next steps
  • 7 Videos, guiding your through the course and the activities
  • 1 course roadmap enabling you to plan your time
  • PLUS access to my weekly blog offering your continued tools, tips, insights and resources.

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